Hello, I am Vincent DUBOIS.
I was born the 18th of June in 1991, in France.
I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
You can contact me through vainzou(at)gmail(dot)com and @vainzou.

As part of my research, I developed an interest about how personal data, digital identities and social interactions affect us all in our daily use of technology. Influenced by the open-source movement, I'm also interested in designing tools to interact with the global surveillance, to better understand it.


Interaction Design, Social Interactions, Generative Design.

Technology watch, Web and Open-source culture.

Running and cycling, Road trip, French cuisine and Dutch hoppy beers.

PC, Mac and Linux environments.

Adobe (PS,ID) and Open Source tools (Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender).

HTML ,CSS, Processing, PHP and JS basics.

Git, Bash, System and website administration.

my timeline

Product Specialist

INDG, Amsterdam, October 2016 - Now.

Design production and development with an in-house framework.

Responsible for the quality of the delivery for every project implemented with the an in-house framework, including testing, product updates, documentation and design checks.


INDG, Amsterdam, Mai 2015 - November 2016.

Design production and development with an in-house framework.

> Moved to Amsterdam >

Push Conference

Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, 2014.

Exhibition of the Undefined Project.

Talk at Retune

Retune Conference 2014. Berlin.

Talk about the Undefined Project.

> End of my studies >

Master Design, orientation Media-design,with mention of excellence.

HEAD – Geneva (Switzerland), 2012-2014.

Re-Think The Eames.

Milan Furniture Fair 2013.

Design and setup of an interactive installation.

Undefined Project

Diploma Project 2014.

Concept, design and production.

> Moved to Geneva >

National Superior Diploma of Plastic Art (DNAP) ,orientation design, with jury’s congratulations

School of Arts and Design. Saint-Etienne (France), 2009-2012.

Educational activity

School of Art and Design in Saint-Etienne in 2012.

Education and formations of open-source software, especially Scribus (edition/layout).

Nouveaux Paramètres

Galerie Ars Longa, Paris, 2011.

Workshop about Laser cutting with the Ecole Boulle.

Mobile foundry of Le_Garage association

The Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial 2010.

Mobile open source Fab-lab: workshops and awareness.

> Moved to Saint-Etienne >

Technical Baccalaureate, orientation applied arts

La Martinière Diderot, Lyon (France), 2006-2009.